Yvonne Light

Retail Manager

Perhaps it’s genetic. Maybe it’s environmental. But whether the reason can be determined or not, a nickname stuck because Yvonne Light is always hungry. Looking for snacks here and yon … so her friends call her Starvin’ Marvin. It may just be an active metabolism fueled by her drive, because at one point in her life, she was taking hula dancing lessons and Judo at the same time. In fact, she has danced the hula at Air Force shows around the globe.

Yvonne’s dad was in the Air Force, meaning that growing up, she got to go wherever in the world he was stationed — California, Guam, North Dakota, the Philippines, New York. But Yvonne has a fondness for warm weather and the beach.  So when her husband, Tom, decided that a 50-foot sailboat on St. Thomas was to be their new home, she was fully on board.

When Tom and Yvonne lived in Hattiesburg, MS, they had the pleasure of attending church with Brett Favre, former Green Bay Packer quarterback and native Mississippian. Yvonnes fondest memories include the raising of her two children and the birth of her grandson. When asked what it will say on her epitaph, her sense of humor comes bubbling to the surface. “Here lies Yvonne, obviously somebody forgot to feed her,” she says with a grin.