Christie Myers

Receiving Manager

An original “Jersey Girl,” (Neptune, NJ actually), Christie Myers has lived in St. Thomas for 27 years and has no plans to go anywhere else. She’s a self-described surfer who rides the waves every chance she gets. So living on an island provides the perfect opportunity to hang ten whenever she likes.

Christie’s first job in life was as a lifeguard, and she is still saving lives today. Dogs’ lives. She currently has four dogs, but that number frequently increases when she is in rescue mode whenever a hurricane threatens the islands.  Christie’s background music is perhaps understandably, Reggae as it fits with both her life and her lifestyle.

This Columbia University alum has a degree in economics and is a problem solver who never gives up. She says she is always learning, and looks to her father for inspiration in life. “Dad was the international marketing director for ATT, so we got to travel with him quite a bit,” says Christie. “But we also got to go to a lot of Yankee baseball games, which is why I’m such a big fan today.” As the receiving manager for Ocean Surfari, if it’s on the floor in either of the OS retail outlets on the island, or ready to be shipped out through, it has been checked and tagged personally by Christie.