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From the inshore reefs to where deep ocean waters meet, Ocean Surfari provides a unique experience on the water and high quality apparel to keep the memory alive.

Captain Juan Polanco

20 years as a SCUBA instructor and 5 years as a fishing boat captain means that Captain Juan, or โ€œPapi Fuegoโ€ as he is sometimes called, has sea water in his veins! Born of Dominican parents, in Queens, NY and raised in West Palm Beach, FL, Juan has served in the United States Marine Corps …

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Keith Terry โ€“ Captain-in-Training

Keith Terry is an Arkansas boy turned fishing captain-in-training with a full send attitude. A country music sound track is the background music in Ocean Surfariโ€™s newest, next captainsโ€™ life. โ€œKJโ€ as his friends call him has trained German Shepherds and horses, but now excels at putting Ocean Surfari clients on the big ones in …

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Captain Jeff Watson

Captain Jeff was 3 years old when he was given his first rod and reel as a gift from his parents. It was at that young age his passion for fishing began to develop. He grew up fishing the Chesapeake Bay, as well as the inshore bays and offshore canyons of Ocean City Maryland. At …

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Captain Spencer Reilly

Fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod, Captain Reilly (or Capโ€™n Goop as his friends call him) hails from Vero Beach, FL and also counts fishing as a hobby as well as a career. Along with surfing and skydiving, fishing makes up a trio of hobbies that spell out a life-well-lived for …

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Captain Rob Usnick

Fishing with Captain Usnick you will definitely be safe from all boarders. A former special forces Green Beret, Rob served 26 years in our nationโ€™s elite commando unit. With tours in far flung places such as Afghanistan, Senegal and Bosnia, he speaks, reads and writes Pashto, the language of Afghanistan.ย  Following his service to our …

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Captain Chris Rapchick

When you first meet Captain Rapchick, his confident, easy smile and sense of humor make you feel instantly comfortable. But there is a lot more to Chris  than meets the eye. Chris hails originally from Charleston, SC, and is a graduate of the world-renowned military college, The Citadel. He also graduated from James Island Charter …

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Owner/Captain Marc Blackburn

How many people do you know  who would sell their home and business, buy a 37-foot sailboat, then — leaving the shore in the rear view — head out for a life at sea. Well, if you know Marc Blackburn, owner of Ocean Surfari in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can say you know at …

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At Ocean Surfari, we keep clients coming back by always treating them fairly, and like friends. Letting them experience our island life. A life that doesnโ€™t require shoes - although, I think I do have a pair, somewhere - a life that flows with the breeze and the waves. But also, a life that can be very exciting at times. We offer a taste of this wonderful life on every excursion with Ocean Surfari and thankfully, it keeps clients coming back for more!

- Captain Marc



David Scott Ware

Sales Associate โ€œBanditโ€ as he is known to friends, was borne in Cincinnati, Ohio and has travelled the U.S. extensively, starting with a drive all the way to L.A. as an eighteen-year-old. He actually lived โ€œhomelessโ€ for about four months in Tampa Florida many years ago and says that experience is among some of the …

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Lindsay Metz

Sales Associate & Boat Crew Lindsay splits her time these days between crewing on the Reef Surfari, and offering sales assistance in the Ocean Surfari shops. She is a bungee jumping, sky diving, dolphin trainer (no kidding, she helped train the dolphins for the movie โ€œFifty First Datesโ€) and an all-around fun person to be …

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Stephanie Hibberts

Sales Associate Stephanie Hibberts is arguably Ocean Surfariโ€™s second furthest-from-home employee, at roughly 8,448 miles from her birth place in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands (behind Lavin Malkani at 9,621 from Hong Kong). Like most Ocean Surfari employees, Stephanie has had many life experiences that would be the envy of many. From scuba diving in some of …

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Riley Nichols

Mate Riley is pleased to serve as Mate aboard theย Reef Surfariย snorkel boat, one of the newest on the Island, this craft will take 49 passengers to some of the most beautiful snorkel destination in the world! Riley is known for her infectious smile and hails from Florida originally. She was also a gymnast for 11 …

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Tabatha Popkey

Sales Associate Tabatha (Tabby to here friends) is one part hard working sales associate, one-part free spirit, and two parts animal loving, sun worshipping, health conscious woman. Once almost arrested for hitting on a US Marshal, this Florida native turned island girl, is a big football fan, with a pet turtle, and says she likes …

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Lavin Malkani

ย Store Manager, St. John Lavin Malkani is one of those people that people like to meet. Always fun and happy, Lavin has traveled the world, sky dived from 18,000 feet, owned two businesses and sold a million dollarsโ€™ worth of jewelry many years in a row! To say that one ofย Ocean Surfariโ€™sย newest employees has lived …

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Niki Rasmussen

Havensight Store Manager Niki, or โ€œSunshineโ€ as she is most often called, may be young, but she has lived a life already. This Wisconsin native packed three suitcases, flew to Las Vegas, got married and moved to the Virgin Islands with no hesitation, and no looking back. Niki and her husband (she married her best …

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Yvonne Light

Retail Manager Perhaps itโ€™s genetic. Maybe itโ€™s environmental. But whether the reason can be determined or not, a nickname stuck because Yvonne Light is always hungry. Looking for snacks here and yon โ€ฆ so her friends call her Starvinโ€™ Marvin. It may just be an active metabolism fueled by her drive, because at one point …

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Christie Myers

Receiving Manager An original โ€œJersey Girl,โ€ (Neptune, NJ actually), Christie Myers has lived in St. Thomas for 27 years and has no plans to go anywhere else. Sheโ€™s a self-described surfer who rides the waves every chance she gets. So living on an island provides the perfect opportunity to hang ten whenever she likes. Christieโ€™s …

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Wendy Blackburn

Co-Owner Ocean Surfari Wendy Blackburn is a free-spirited soul who has sailed to Bora Bora, reads several books at a time, lists people-watching as a favorite pastime and is an unashamed, die-hard Barry Manilow fan. She is also a hard-working business owner and absolutely loves the fact that she and her husband Marc run one …

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Ocean Surfari apparel reflects the lifestyle that we live and have experienced throughout the years. We make design focused clothing that you can wear on the boat during a trip or back at the dock. Be sure to check out our OS SPF 50+ Performance shirts - our best seller for years! You're sure to see them around the islands. Check back soon for our new 2020 collection and 2019 closeout sale!



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