Niki Rasmussen

Havensight Store Manager

Niki, or “Sunshine” as she is most often called, may be young, but she has lived a life already. This Wisconsin native packed three suitcases, flew to Las Vegas, got married and moved to the Virgin Islands with no hesitation, and no looking back.

Niki and her husband (she married her best friend) live a life of no shoes, sand between the toes and an “it’s five o’clock somewhere” mentality. In charge of all online orders to the Ocean Surfari Store, customer emails, as well as managing a busy retail shop, Niki’s background music is a mix country girl and reggae.

Always smiling “Who wouldn’t, living here and working at Ocean Surfari … have you seen the stuff on our website!” Niki says. She enjoys anything beach, margaritas, flip flops, tank tops and shorts. If you have questions about Ocean Surfari gear, you can reach Niki by email at [email protected] and get ready for the best customer service on the island.