From the inshore reefs to where deep ocean waters meet, Ocean Surfari provides a unique experience on the water and high quality apparel to keep the memory alive.

Ocean Surfari offers visitors a variety of Virgin Islands ocean adventures from exhilarating deep sea sport fishing to relaxing day excursions. We are committed to providing the ultimate Virgin Islands excursion and will assure your trip provides lasting memories.

We are located in beautiful Red Hook Harbor in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, known for its picturesque beaches, duty-free shopping, and historic center, Charlotte Amalie. Our operation in the British Virgin Islands is located in Soper’s Hole Marina on the island of Tortola, conveniently located near restaurants and shopping.

Ocean Surfari specializes in offshore and inshore fishing around the Virgin Islands. Inshore fishing is ideal for children or when ocean conditions Offshore are not ideal. On an inshore trip, our experienced captains can get you into kingfish, barracuda, snapper, and grouper, and many other species.

If you’re looking to tackle some big game fish, request an offshore trip and experience the thrill of hunting marlin, mahi-mahi, wahoo and tuna. We pride ourselves on a responsible catch-and-release policy for shark and blue and white marlin in order to protect and conserve these prized gamefish. Visit our FAQ for more information.

In addition to our selection of fishing charter options, we also offer half-day and full-day custom sightseeing and snorkel charters within the USVI and to the BVI. Visit remote beaches, hidden snorkel spots, and popular beach bars.

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Riley Nichols – Mate

Riley Nichols is please to serve as Mate aboard the Reef Surfari snorkel boat, one of the newest on the Island, this craft will take 49 passengers to some of the most beautiful snorkel destination in the world! Riley, known for her infectious smile hails from Florida originally and was a gymnast for 11 years. She basically …

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Tabatha Popkey – Sales Associate

Tabatha (Tabby to here friends) is one part hard working sales associate, one-part free spirit, and two parts animal loving, sun worshipping, health conscious woman that is still looking for Mr. Right. Once almost arrested for hitting on a US Marshal, this Florida native turned island girl, is a big football fan, with a pet …

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Lavin Malkani –Store Manager, St. John

Lavin Malkani is one of those people that people like to meet. Always fun and happy, Lavin has traveled the world, sky dived from 18,000 feet, owned two businesses and sold a million dollars’ worth of jewelry many years in a row! To say that one of Ocean Surfari’s newest employees has lived life to the fullest …

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Niki Rasmussen – Havensight Store Manager

Niki, or “Sunshine” as she is most often called, may be young, but she has lived a life already. This Wisconsin native packed three suitcases, flew to Las Vegas, got married and moved to the Virgin Islands with no hesitation, and no looking back. Niki and her husband (she married her best friend) live a …

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Lisa Winterhalter – Sales Associate

When this Seattle Mariners/Chicago Cubs fan moved to St. Thomas four years ago she says that day became her fondest memory. Lisa Winterhalter has lived in Chicago and of course, Seattle and while she loves certain things about both of those cities, she says they pale in comparison to her new found home, the United …

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Yvonne Light, Retail Manager

Perhaps it’s genetic. Maybe it’s environmental. But whether the reason can be determined or not, a nickname stuck because Yvonne Light is always hungry. Looking for snacks here and yon … so her friends call her Starvin’ Marvin. It may just be an active metabolism fueled by her drive, because at one point in her …

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Christie Myers – Receiving Manager

An original “Jersey Girl,” (Neptune, NJ actually), Christie Myers has lived in St. Thomas for 27 years and has no plans to go anywhere else. She’s a self-described surfer who rides the waves every chance she gets. So living on an island provides the perfect opportunity to hang ten whenever she likes. Christie’s first job …

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Wendy Blackburn – Co-Owner Ocean Surfari

Wendy Blackburn is a free-spirited soul who has sailed to Bora Bora, reads several books at a time, lists people-watching as a favorite pastime and is an unashamed, die hard Barry Manilow fan. She is also a hard-working business owner and absolutely loves the fact that she and her husband Marc run one of the …

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What to Bring on Your Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters that surround the islands of St Thomas and St John is an unforgettable adventure. Our captains look forward to helping you make the most of your snorkel adventure and will provide you with most of the gear you’ll need, though we do have a few suggestions for additional items …

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Snorkeling Gear for Your Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling is an incredible way to explore the sea and get a better view of the stunning life below the water’s surface. Good quality snorkeling gear can maximize your snorkeling experience. When choosing snorkeling gear for your underwater adventure, avoid cheap snorkel sets. These sets are composed of low quality material. It is advisable to …

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At Ocean Surfari, we keep clients coming back by always treating them fairly, and like friends. Letting them experience our island life. A life that doesn’t require shoes - although, I think I do have a pair, somewhere - a life that flows with the breeze and the waves. But also, a life that can be very exciting at times. We offer a taste of this wonderful life on every excursion with Ocean Surfari and thankfully, it keeps clients coming back for more!

- Captain Marc

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