Snorkeling Gear for Your Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling GearSnorkeling is an incredible way to explore the sea and get a better view of the stunning life below the water’s surface. Good quality snorkeling gear can maximize your snorkeling experience. When choosing snorkeling gear for your underwater adventure, avoid cheap snorkel sets. These sets are composed of low quality material.

It is advisable to choose high-quality snorkel equipment from reputable brands. Strict safety standards are followed by these brands, which can enable you to explore the underwater world with confidence.

Only a few pieces of gear are needed for your snorkeling session.
· Snorkel Mask
· Snorkel
· Fins

The snorkeling masks come in three different sizes.
· Small – for children and adults with smaller faces
· Standard size – fits most teens and adults

During a St. John or St. Thomas snorkel excursion, we utilized anti-fog spray on the mask to prevent fogging. This is made using a simple solution made of freshwater and baby shampoo. A foggy snorkel mask makes it challenging to see underwater, so this snorkel mask treatment can help ensure you’re getting a great view of the creatures of the caribbean sea.

All face masks provided for snorkeling guests come with the snorkel. There are different types of snorkels available. Each one of them has different features that allow you to breathe easily and comfortably in the water. The mouthpiece is clean as sterilized to the highest standards after each session. These can even be replaced and you have the option to buy a new mouthpiece from our Ocean Surfari Retail Store.

It’s important to point out that the mask and snorkel must fit snugly for you to enjoy the experience in the water.

Achieving a proper fit for a snorkeling mask can be challenging for individuals with big moustaches and beards. A simple tip is to shave a quarter-inch under the nose to help ensure a solid seal. You can also use Chapstick or Vaseline for a snug fit that helps prevent water leaking into your snorkel mask.

Each guest is provided with a snorkel vest during an Ocean Surfari snorkeling experience. This helps our captains easily identify guests and also offers optional buoyancy. The guests can choose to inflate or deflate the vests to dive or float in the water.

The snorkel vest is available in three sizes.
· Youth
· Standard
· Large

We offer full-foot pocket fins that accommodate most foot sizes.

Enhance Your Snorkeling Experience
Foam noodles are also available on our Reef Surfari Power Catamaran if you want to add to the fun and relax with maximum buoyancy. Many of our guests choose to buy a Go-Pro video camera and other accessories at our retail store, where we also offer waterproof cases for purchase to help keep your wallets, phones, and cameras safe.

For more information about our snorkeling adventures, contact our team at Ocean Safari today at (340) 227-5448.


Snorkeling Gear

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