Best Beaches to Visit When on a Cruise in St. Thomas

sapphire beach If you are going on a Caribbean Cruise, and heading to gorgeous St. Thomas, USVI, you are in luck! It’s a breathtaking Caribbean cruise port and a favorite among cruisers! Here are the best beaches to visit when on a cruise in St. Thomas:

Magens Bay Beach

For cruise passengers, Magens Bay, without a doubt, is the most popular as well as the most famous St. Thomas beach. For years, it was on multiple top 10 lists of top beaches worldwide.

It’s a horseshoe-shaped beach that has calm, crystal clear, pristine waters. The colors of the turquoise and blue waters that are set against the lush mountains in which it’s located are picture perfect!

The beach offers excellent facilities. It is possible to rent loungers and chairs, and there is a fantastic restaurant and beach bar on site. There is an entrance fee at the gate.

Sapphire Beach

This beach is, of course, notorious for its stellar sapphire blue waters! But you will also get an amazing view of the nearby St. John island.

Sapphire Beach is nestled in the Eastern part of St. Thomas and has lots to offer the ones who like an active beach day. Not just is the snorkeling outstanding, but there is also parasailing, jet skiing and other types of available activities.

Coki Beach

This beautiful beach is another highly sought-after spot for cruisers. It is situated on the island’s northeast shoreline and is most appreciated for its diving and snorkeling.

The beach is smaller than Magens Bay beach; however, does also offer facilities, and is very lovely. Here, the popular Coral World Ocean Park can be found also; therefore, this may make the perfect day to combine an aquarium visit and a beach visit.

Smith Bay Park (formerly Lindquist Beach)

Smith Bay Park, long known as Lindquist Beach, the quietest of the beaches, is notorious for cruisers who love to avoid crowds. The secluded beach, situated on the eastern part of the island, has calm and shallow waters and a pretty view of St. John island.

It does have basic facilities, like picnic benches and washrooms, but other types of amenities are limited. You will have to bring any drinks or food with you if you choose to visit Lindquist Beach and there is an entrance fee.


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