Marlin Fishing on the North Drop

The Blue Marlin is a species of fish that can be caught around the world. There are a few places in world that the fish congregate for various reasons. Atlantic Blue Marlin spawn during the summer months in an area known as the North Drop about 20 miles from St. Thomas. The Puerto Rico trench (second deepest trench on earth) runs east to west for over 250 miles. On the Southeastern side of the trench is a 10-mile stretch that turns 90 degrees and runs North/South called the North Drop. There are several places along the drop that are better than others for harboring bait, and in turn, large pelagic fish such as Blue Marlin. Spawning takes place during the full moon cycles. The fish spawn at night and actively feed during the day. Males vie for the opportunity to spawn with the larger females. When one big female is seen, it is not uncommon to see another or even two other fish together. Double and even triple-headers happen every year. For these reasons, the Blue Marlin fishing on the North Drop can be some of the best marlin fishing in the world.