3 Best Beaches in St. Thomas for Cruise Visitors

os snorkel adventure ocean viewThere is an abundance of beaches in St. Thomas that meet even the most complicated of needs. Whether you’re looking to swim, engage in some water sports, snorkel, get romantic, or even just lounge around on the beach, St. Thomas has it all. That is why we put together this list of the top 3 best St. Thomas beaches visitors can enjoy when a cruise ship is in port.

Magens Bay

This is a 1-mile long, horseshoe-shaped, sandy white beach on the northern coast of St. Thomas. Magen’s bay is the ideal beach for all types of activities. Its broad stretch of white, soft sandy beach is fantastic for walking, sunbathing, people watching, or playing. The clear, warm turquoise waters are just right for paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling when conditions are good.

Coki Beach

One other popular St. Thomas beach is Coki Beach, also situated on the island’s northern coast. Since it is nestled on the East end of St. Thomas Coki Beach is popular for its diving and snorkeling.

The beach sits directly next to Coral World Ocean Park and although it isn’t as big as Magens Bay, it is a pretty amazing beach, as well. Coki Beach features a broad stretch of clear waters and white soft sandy beach.

The majority of visitors like Coki beach for the capability of snorkeling directly from the beach. It offers plenty of amenities and a lot of colorful wooden buildings that sell beach accessories, gifts, and local food.

Sapphire Beach

It’s located on the Sapphire Beach Resort on St. Thomas’ east end. Sapphire Beach is highly popular with swimmers, sunbathers, and families. Sea grape trees on Sapphire Beach act as a natural shade– a welcome respite from the heat of the Caribbean.

Sapphire beach is adored by wind surfers and due to its nearby proximity to a marina, parasailing and jet skiing are highly sought-after sports. A reef nearby makes snorkeling on Sapphire Beach an excellent adventure.

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