What are Some of the Things You Might Expect to See While Snorkeling?

gray angel fishFrom mammals to birds, corals and fish, there’s a wide variety of what may be found below and above the water during your USVI snorkeling excursion. Keep reading to learn more about a few exciting sites to expect to see while snorkeling.


Coral may be grouped into multiple categories, depending upon what kind you’re looking at. It’s possible to see brain, staghorn, mushroom, plate, microtoll, slipper and bommies while below the waterline and occasionally from above. Plate and staghorn corals are the most abundant kinds of coral you’ll come across while snorkelling and are spotted easily, even by novice snorkelers. Staghorns include the branches of coral which frequently look like a bundle of tree branches, whereby plate corals look just like plates, oftentimes stacked together.


Molluscs include mussels, clams, snails, slugs, and octopi. You might see a few species from this group like giant clams that have fleshy, colorful lips, cone shells that are deadly if touched or handled, and sea slugs that look similar to kaleidoscopes of color in the formation of a slug.


These include sea stars and sea cucumbers, among other animals. Cucumbers are very easy to spot, since they’re spherical and long, just like a real cucumber. They’re slow moving and dark black or brown, which makes them easy to spot. It’s often possible to also see sea stars. Usually, they have five arms, yet some might have more or less, depending upon the type of life they have had!


Fish come in an incredible range of temperaments, colors, and sizes. Some are happy to come and greet snorkelers and hang out nearby, whereas other fish might swim away and look for shelter from snorkelers! You’ll see bland, colorful, slow, fast, small and big fish! Every species differs and adapts in their own way, allowing them to live their best life and survive.

Snorkeling excursions are a favorite St. Thomas cruise ship activity! We promise to get you back on time for departure. For more information about our snorkeling adventures contact Ocean Safari today at (340) 227-5448.


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