What to Bring on Your Snorkeling Trip

OS Boat ExcursionsSnorkeling in the beautiful blue waters that surround the islands of St Thomas and St John is an unforgettable adventure. Our captains look forward to helping you make the most of your snorkel adventure and will provide you with most of the gear you’ll need, though we do have a few suggestions for additional items to bring along.

If you forget to pack any of the items mentioned below, you can always buy them at our retail store in St Thomas or St John.

Things to Pack for Your Snorkeling Trip

A good underwater camera will enable you to capture the mesmerizing sea life in all its beauty. Never venture on a snorkeling trip without a high-quality camera.

A waterproof camera bag is a good option for carrying standard digital cameras. This will help keep the camera safe, and you can buy waterproof cases at our retail store.

Go Pro Video Camera
The Go Pro is a great choice if you want to shoot videos of your time underwater. It is compact and will take the least space in your bag. You will be able to buy the Go Pro camera at our retail store along with other accessories.

Reef Safe Sunscreen
Sun exposure is a top concern for many of our snorkeling guests. You’ll need sunscreen, but not just any old kind. It must be certified Reef Safe to ensure you’re doing your part to help protect the Caribbean sea life. Reef safe sunscreen will help protect your skin while keeping coral safe when you are enjoying the experience of a lifetime. We carry multiple options at our shop in St. Thomas or St. John.

Duffel or Tote Bag
A good-quality duffel or tote bag is a great way to carry all the things you need for the trip, especially if there are multiple members in your party. The size of the bag will depend on the number of items you want to carry, but let’s face it, it sure beats bringing your suitcase along for the trip!

Microfiber Towel
You’ll definitely want to bring a towel along on the excursion. We carry an incredible line of microfiber towels that dry fast. These are a popular purchase by many guests since they also take up minimal space and keep your packing light.

OS Shirt
The quintessential OS shirt will help you stay cool and comfortable after you have finished snorkeling. And, since we stitch or bake a little salt air and blue surf into every piece of clothing we carry in our retail stores, it serves as a wonderful memento of the time you had with us here at Ocean Surfari!

Bathing Suit
Forgot your suit? Want something uniquely Caribbean or just an upgrade? We carry the top styles and brands of bathing suits in St Thomas and St John at our retail stores.

For more information about our snorkeling adventures, contact our team at Ocean Safari today at (340) 227-5448.


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