Wear Glasses? Try These Prescription Snorkel Mask Options

There are numerous options to turn a snorkel mask to corrected glasses, in order for you to see perfectly (or nearly) underwater. These allow you to wear the mask as glasses after and before entering the water.

Bonded Corrective Lenses

Option one is referred to as a bonded lens. With this technique a corrective lens is developed to your prescription, and it’s glued to the interior of the snorkel mask lens. You’ll either send in your very own mask, or purchase a mask from one of the companies that offers this service. Normally, the dive shop in your area has a relationship with one of those companies and also can take care of it on your behalf. The business will grind a lens to your prescription glasses, cut it to the shape of the mask lens then bond it to the interior of the mask using a special glue. It’ll probably take from 7 – 10 days. The cost is similar to the price of regular prescription specs, beginning at about $200 for basic lenses. Costs increase for bifocals and additional customized options.

Snorkel Masks With Customized Prescription Lenses

This technique is like the bonded, yet the whole lens of the mask gets replaced with a lens that’s custom ground to the prescription. It might provide better results, especially for extremely strong prescriptions, or for people who have a strong astigmatism. It offers the extra benefit of being the perfect fit. Occasionally with the bonded above option there are gaps surrounding the corners in which the corrected lens doesn’t cover. Also, this option will weigh a lot less because of lightweight and very strong plastic lens options.

Drop-In Prescription Lens Snorkel Mask

There are an array of masks which are made to have their lenses removed pretty easily, and it is possible to then drop in pre-made bifocals or corrective lenses. It’s the most cost-effective option, and what a lot of snorkelers choose if their prescription isn’t too strong, or if they do not have a strong astigmatism.

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