kid enjoying snorkeling

Carefully Select Your First Snorkeling

kid enjoying snorkeling The majority of beginner snorkelers go on a boat tour or go to the first beach someone recommends to them for snorkeling. You should use a bit more care and conduct a little research to figure out the best area for you as a first-time snorkeler, and you’ll have a much better time.

Pick an Intriguing Spot

Select a beach spot that’s alive, which means it has a lot of corals and fish to see. If you head to a boring spot or dead spot on your first try, you probably won’t know why other snorkelers enjoy doing this. Plus, the most popular areas that everyone heads to, are more than likely not the best areas (because all of the traffic killed the reef). Still, do not go alone (no matter what) Always go with a partner. When you’re new, it’s comforting to see others on the water before you go in order for you to gain a sense of what the conditions may be like.

Pick a Calm Area

Only snorkel if it’s calm. That frequently means heading out in the morning. Nothing will destroy your beginner experience like diving into the ocean with heavy waves. It’ll make swimming, entering and exiting the ocean dangerous. It’ll make utilizing your snorkeling equipment more challenging. It vastly increases how much effort swimming will require. It might cause you to be seasick. Waves usually always decrease visibility underwater; therefore, you will not have the ability to see what you’re there to see. So only go in the ocean if it’s calm on your first try (less than 6” waves).

Or better yet, go with snorkeling experts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. At Ocean Surfari we always implement safe practices when it comes to your snorkeling excursion!

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