Ocean Surfari is Working with Friends of the Virgin Island National Parks and Making Donations Towards Helping Youth

unity signYoung people are the future, and they’re going to be the ambassadors and stewards for protecting all islands. We have the goal of inspiring the upcoming generation to engage, as well as use the sea and nature as their classroom. We must ensure equitable accessibility to the National Park, as well as all its cultural and natural resources to spark the youth’s desire to protect them, in addition to becoming action-focused leaders who our islands need.

Reef Surfari is proud to partner with Friends of Virgin Islands National Parks in order to support the goal of advocating for the Virgin Islands’ cultural and natural treasures. We are requesting your help by booking one of Reef Surfari’s snorkeling adventures!

All you have to do is just select which program you’d like to help then use that particular coupon code while booking your snorkeling trip. Then Ocean Surfari/Reef Surfari will happily donate $5 to the Friends of Virgin Islands National Parks program.

Your donation is going to help support a Learn to Swim program for Virgin Islanders in the area, certify and train lifeguards in the area and offer youth educational opportunities to utilize the Virgin Islands National Park as their classroom. Also, it’s going to support the playground which is the Park’s gateway. The area is set to host a multitude of youth programs.

While booking you are going to have an option of which program you would like to support. Choosing Our Youth will mean Ocean Surfari/Reef Surfari is going to commit to donate $5 to Friends of the Park’s program for local youth.

Are you looking for things to do in Virgin Islands National Park? Ocean Surfari offers several Virgin Islands National Park snorkeling packages. Get in touch with us today at (340) 202-0444.