Sizing and Fitting Tips for Snorkeling Fins

If you want to have a good snorkeling experience, make sure your snorkeling fins fit properly. You want them to be a little snug, yet not too tight. Once your feet cool inside the water they’ll shrink a bit. So the fins will become looser inside the water and slip more. A little tighter fit is much better than a loose fit. You do not want a loose heel strap or cup. Nothing can be more annoying than snorkeling fins which slip off as you’re attempting to kick hard. woman jumping

Blisters and Rub Marks

Red, moderate rub marks on the feet from the footwear or fins are pretty common if you haven’t been recently snorkeling. It might take a couple of days for the feet to grow accustomed to the boots and fins again. However, open wounds and blisters aren’t okay. Open wounds are extremely uncomfortable, and a possible source of infection. Do not allow your feet to get beat up. Travel with toe tape and waterproof bandages and be proactive in caring for your feet.

Propulsion, Fin Stiffness, Body Size and Strength

You might assume that in order to get lots of propulsion and power out of the fin, it ought to be pretty stiff. We haven’t found this to be the case. We enjoy fins which are fairly flexible, and we’ll go fast with them, without having to exert ourselves too much. Let’s face it. Some of us have been skipping “leg day” at the gym and may not have massive leg muscles. So, for us, stiff fins don’t offer effective propulsion because we must work too hard to push them through the water. It is like being in the incorrect gear on your bike heading uphill. Therefore, we find the best propulsion will come from matching your physical size and strength with the right fin stiffness. To actually dial that in, it helps to try various fins inside the water. You may be shocked by how different they feel. The proper fin will make a big difference in your comfort and speed when snorkeling.

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