Sports Fishing

Ocean Surfari Fishing BoatAre you ready to experience the thrill of the best sports fishing experience in the USVI? Sports fishing is a perfect island activity if you’re arriving via cruise ship in St. Thomas. We offer different packages so you can experience excellent fishing at rates that fit your budget.

If you want to fish along the island of St. Thomas or St. John, we have expert crew, fast boats, and quality fishing equipment ready to help you discover the hidden wonders of the sea. Looking for a custom execution? We provide charters of all kinds (ask us about snorkeling) and sizes. Ocean Surfari sport fishing trips are available seven days a week.

 Sports Fishing Trips

Sports fishing trips have become a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts looking to explore the sea’s extraordinary spectacle. You can enjoy this experience solo or with family and friends.

Fishing in the vast open sea is not easy, and you will need the experience and guidance of our crew to take you to the right fishing spots in the Us Virgin Islands. Don’t waste your time and money on amature guides. Trust our team!

The fishing trips we offer at Ocean Surfari are are customized. You can select the package you want and customize it according to your specific desires. When you fish at the spots specified by our expert crew, you can expect maximum action throughout the week. You don’t have to return empty-handed on any of your fishing trips.

Some months are better than others to hook certain fish, and our expert guides can let you know what’s biting. We also know a few places where you will get a consistent number of fish all year around. Our guests also enjoy our inshore fishing excursions. You can expect to catch different species of fish each week and have so much fun that you will keep coming back for more!

Let’s go fishing. Contact us if you want to experience some of the best sports fishing in the USVI. Come and choose your adventure. Please book online or call us today.


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