Swimming with Tarpon

tarpon fishSwimming with Tarpon is a popular non-diving activity you can indulge in while exploring the wonders of the sea during a snorkeling adventure. Dive in and maximize your chances of seeing these incredible creatures in their complete glory. Seeing the Tarpon in their underwater habitat is truly mesmerizing. You may even get a chance to view large schools of tarpons gliding across the waters looking for food. The fish swim fast, so keeping up with them will be an exciting challenge.

Many people love to spend time in the water, snorkeling and swimming with different types of marine animals. The water surrounding St. Thomas and St. John is teaming with marine life, and you may have an opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures up close and personal during one of our snorkeling experiences. We also offer a unique opportunity to feed monster tarpon right from our dock! It’s one of the least expensive things to do in St. Thomas with family, and sure to be an unforgettable experience for all ages!


The Tarpon (Silver King) is a large fish that can grow 4 – 8 feet and weigh 60 – 280 pounds. Shiny silver scales cover most of their bodies. The Tarpons have fantastic eyesight, and this makes them very difficult to catch since they can easily identify threats.

Tarpons breed in warm and isolated areas. Females tend to lay millions of eggs, and the spawning occurs in late spring to early summer. The fish grows through three different stages of development to reach complete maturity.

Large schools of tarpons migrate thousands of kilometers each year. The fish are listed as vulnerable and need protection to survive. Even though a large school of tarpons is harmless, it is best to swim with them at a distance. It will help in their conservation and ensure your safety. Swimming with these big fish will give you an experience you will never forget in your life.

Tarpons are also found in waters surrounding Florida, primarily around Miami. The fish are excellent navigators, and you will find them swimming thousands of miles looking for feeding grounds.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Swimming with Tarpons is a real possibility when you choose Ocean Surfari – Reef Surfari Snorkel Excursions. Please book online or call us today.


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