Keith Terry – Captain-in-Training

Keith Terry is an Arkansas boy turned fishing captain-in-training with a full send attitude. A country music sound track is the background music in Ocean Surfari’s newest, next captains’ life. “KJ” as his friends call him has trained German Shepherds and horses, but now excels at putting Ocean Surfari clients on the big ones in the crystal waters of the US Virgin Islands. Always adventurous, KJ moved over 2,000 miles from home at age 18 and has never looked back.

A fan of UFC/MMA, Keith is known for being easy to talk to, and learn from, but admits that he too is always learning, “Life is a great teacher, you have to roll with the punches and learn from whatever she throws at you.” It was inevitable that KJ would end up as a fishing captain. When asked for his fondest or happiest moment in life, his answer is “When I caught my very first wave.”

Ocean Surfari - Keith Terry