Stephanie Hibberts

Sales Associate

Stephanie Hibberts is arguably Ocean Surfari’s second furthest-from-home employee, at roughly 8,448 miles from her birth place in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands (behind Lavin Malkani at 9,621 from Hong Kong). Like most Ocean Surfari employees, Stephanie has had many life experiences that would be the envy of many. From scuba diving in some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth, to swimming with sharks and hiking a real volcano, this young woman is fearless.

A graduate and sorority sister of South Carolina’s Clemson University, it is no wonder that college football is high on her list of favorite sports. Stephanie is always learning, and is pursuing her Masters at UVI. With a kind and friendly demeanor, look for a smile with service from Stephanie on your next visit to the Ocean Surfari shops.