Lindsay Metz

Sales Associate & Boat Crew

Lindsay splits her time these days between crewing on the Reef Surfari, and offering sales assistance in the Ocean Surfari shops. She is a bungee jumping, sky diving, dolphin trainer (no kidding, she helped train the dolphins for the movie “Fifty First Dates”) and an all-around fun person to be around. A graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, with a degree in Marine Biology, and over 600 dives to her name, what better guide could you ask for on a snorkel boat?

With her boho style and mother earth loving sensibility, Lindsay say she would rather be fed to the sharks than buried, upon her departure from this world … “Why waste the land space,” she says. With Reggae as her background music and twelve years’ experience in the ocean and marine science field, you will enjoy every minute of your time with Lindsay aboard the Reef Surfari.