The Best Snorkeling on the USVI is Aboard The Newest Boat, The Reef Surfari

People who arrive in St. Thomas by air, are always struck by the views of our beautiful coral reefs from above. The bird’s eye view may in fact be grand, but there is nothing quite like the experience of being able to swim right up to a sea turtle in Christmas Cove as he glides over a coral head. Or seeing a stingray emerge from its hiding place under the sand at Sapphire Beach, flying away gracefully, only to settle a few yards away and conceal itself again.

Snorkeling in the USVI is remarkable! Many spots are actually within easy swimming distance of some of our beaches. But if you want to spend a little actual face time with the fauna, get yourself aboard the Reef Surfari, Ocean Surfari’s new 47 foot snorkel boat. The Reef Surfari is the newest snorkel boat on the island. She seats 49 people, so your group is no problem, there is an on board bathroom and bar, and with twin Suzuki outboards, she will have you over the island’s best snorkeling spots in record time. With stops at places like Secret Harbor, Lovango Cay, or Great and Little St. James as well as the National Park around St. John. The Reef Surfari is the best equipped boat, so you will have the best snorkel adventure of your life!

Barracuda, sea turtles, even an occasional sea horse and tropical fish too numerous to list here, will be within easy viewing or camera range just minutes after you board our snorkel boat in Charlotte Amalie, not far from the cruise ship docks. In fact, if you come a little early, you may be able to enjoy an unexpected treat, hand-feeding over 50 giant Tarpon right off our dock! Some of these fish weigh over 100lbs and act like puppies after kibble as you feed them outside our retail shop. Which reminds us, if you have forgotten anything for your snorkel excursion, like sunglasses, lotion or sunblock, or even a swimsuit or shorts, the Ocean Surfari retail shop can certainly help you out.

If a snorkeling excursion seems like the thing to do on our tropical island, give us a ring or click HERE because we are booking the brand new Reef Surfari snorkel boat now, for dates after March 1st, 2020. This is by far the best snorkeling excursion in the US Virgin Islands, and YOU can be one of the first to experience it.


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