Maintaining Top-of-the-Line Charter Boats

We at Ocean Surfari take the time to keep our fishing boats in pristine working order. From polishing the stainless steel to engine maintenance and performance, we make sure everything is in top condition for the comfort and safety of our guests.

Ensuring engine maintenance is a priority for our crew. We maintain a log on each boat engine to ensure the fluid changes and services are completed on schedule. The boats are compounded and waxed regularly from top to bottom. The teak is stripped and varnished once every two years. Raw teak decking is properly cared for to create a beautiful and memorable experience. The boats are hauled out regularly to wash and paint the bottoms and check the hulls.

Taking the time for proper maintenance is essential to keep our boats in top shape.


Summertime Fishing Is Upon Us!

There has been an abundance of Sargassum moving through our area and with that comes mahimahi, the dolphinfish. Mahi follow the sargassum mats around, completing a cycle, because they eat the small fish that hang nearby as they in turn, feed on the tiny shrimp, crabs and creatures that live in the weeds. We have […]

Virgin Islands Fishing Report

October 2020 October has been a month of highs and lows in terms of the sea state and winds! For a few days, the hurricane a few hundred miles north pulled the wind out of the area and we enjoyed flat calm seas and a weird NW wind on the South Drop, but this last […]
Marc And Wendy Blackburn - cean surfari

Ocean Surfari expands to St. John

Marc Blackburn didn’t necessarily have ambitions of becoming a retail store owner. A boater at heart, Blackburn became friendly with Ocean Surfari owner Kurt Richardson while working for the business as a fishing charter captain beginning in 2014. By 2016, Richardson was ready to sell the business. “Kurt kept bugging me to buy the business […]